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Konu: Gmat Vocabulary List

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    Ynt: Gmat Vocabulary List

    (n.) a systematic list of details
    The train schedule was set up as a table.
    (adj.) not voiced or expressed
    The National Security Agency aide argued, in effect, that he had received the president's tacit approval for the arms-for-hostages deal.
    (adj.) inclined to silence; speaking little; dour, stern
    The man was so taciturn it was forgotten that he was there.
    (v.) to tempt; to torment
    The desserts were tantalizing, but he was on a diet.
    (v.) to go or move slowly; delay
    She tarried too long, and therefore missed her train.
    (adj.) stretched tightly
    They knew a fish was biting, because the line suddenly became taut.
    (adj.) tastelessly ornamented
    The shop was full of tawdry jewelry.
    (adj.) wearisome, tiresome
    Cleaning the house is a tedious chore for some people.
    With so many new safety precautions instituted, flying has become a tedious affair.
    (v.) to be stocked to overflowing; to pour out; to empty
    The new plant seemed to be teeming with insects.
    It is healthier to teem the grease from the broth before serving it.
    (n.) foolhardiness
    Temerity can result in tragedy if the activity is dangerous.
    (v.) to moderate, as by mingling with something else; to bring to the proper condition by treatment
    She drew a hot bath, but then realized she'd have to temper it with a little cool water or end up scalded.
    The craftsman tempered the steel before being able to twist it to form a table leg.
    (n.) one's customary frame of mind
    The girl's temperament is usually very calm.
    (adj.) holding; persistent
    With a tenacious grip, the man was finally able to pull the nail from the wall.
    After his tenacious pleas, she finally conceded.
    His hold on his dreams is as tenacious as anyone I know.
    (n.) a principle accepted as authoritative
    The tenets of socialism were explained in the book.
    (adj.) undergoing or exerting tension
    The pipeline was capable of flexing to withstand the tremendous tensile strain that might accompany an seismic movement.
    (adj.) not confirmed; indefinite
    Not knowing if he'd be able to get the days off, Al went ahead anyway and made tentative vacation plans with his pal.
    (adj.) thin, slim, delicate; weak
    The hurricane force winds ripped the tenuous branches from the tree.
    The spectators panicked as they watched the cement block dangle from one tenuous piece of twine.
    (adj.) lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm; lukewarm
    The tepid bath water was perfect for relaxing after a long day.
    (n.) a constantly quarrelsome woman
    Agreement with the termagant was an impossibility.
    (adj.) pertaining to the earth
    Deer are terrestrial animals; fish are aquatic.
    (adj.) concise; abrupt
    She believed in getting to the point, so she always gave terse answers.
    The terse speech contained only the essential comments.
    (n.) the range or limit of one's abilities; rope or chain used to keep a boat from drifting or an animal from wandering
    My tether of playing basketball is shooting air balls.
    The bulldog was tethered to his doghouse.
    (n.) a slave
    The worker was treated like a thrall, having to work many hours of overtime.
    (adj.) frugal, careful with money
    Being thrifty, the woman would not purchase the item without a coupon.
    The thrifty couple saved money by taking the bus to work.
    (n.) spasm or pang; agony
    A particularly violent throe knocked her off her feet.
    The wounded soldier squirmed in throes of agony.
    (v.) prevent from accomplishing a purpose; frustrate
    Their attempt to take over the country was thwarted by the palace guard.
    (n.) the quality of sound which distinguishes one from another
    The timbre of guitar music is different from that of piano music.
    (adj.) lacking courage; timid
    The timorous child hid behind his parents.
    Hillary came to accept him as a timorous soul who needed succor.
    (adj.) being dormant; slow, sluggish
    When we came upon the hibernating bear, it was in a torpid state.
    A torpid animal does not act with energy.
    The old, torpid dog spent most of his time sleeping.
    (adj.) full of twists and turns; not straight forward; possibly deceitful
    The suspect confessed after becoming confused by the tortuous questioning of the captain.
    (adj.) poisonous
    It's best to store cleansing solutions out of children's reach because of their toxic contents.
    (adj.) easily managed (opposite: intractable)
    The boat was so lightweight it was tractable by one person.
    Having a tractable staff made her job a lot easier.
    (v.) to defame or slander
    His actions traduced his reputation.
    (n.) peace; stillness; harmony
    The tranquillity of the tropical island was reflected in its calm blue waters and warm sunny climate.
    (n.) a changed form
    Somewhere in the network's entertainment division, the show underwent a transmutation from a half-hour sitcom into an hour-long drama.
    (v.) to transform
    Decorators transmute ordinary homes into interesting showcases.
    (v.) to take place; come about
    With all that's transpired today, I'm exhausted.
    (adj.) causing a violent injury
    It was a traumatic accident, leaving the driver with a broken vertebra, a smashed wrist, and a concussion.
    (n.) very hard work; intense pain or agony
    The farmer was tired after the travail of plowing the fields.
    The analgesic finally ended her travail.
    (v.) to make a journey
    They had to trek through the dense forest to reach the nearest village.
    (adj.) cutting; keen or incisive words
    Without a trenchant tool, they would have to break the branches rather than cut them.
    The trenchant words hurt the man deeply.
    (n.) apprehension; uneasiness
    Her long absence caused more than a little trepidation.
    With great trepidation, the boy entered the water for the first time.
    (n.) the seat of judge
    The tribunal heard the case of the burglary.
    (n.) expression of admiration
    Her performance was a tribute to her retiring teacher.
    (adj.) commonplace; overused
    The committee was looking for something new, not the same trite ideas.
    Eating tomato salads became trite after their excessive popularity.
    (adj.) unimportant; small; worthless
    Although her mother felt otherwise, she considered her dish washing chore trivial.
    (n.) belief; faith; fidelity
    The couple pledged troth to each other through their vows.
    (adj.) fierce, savage, cruel
    Truculent fighting broke out in the war-torn country.
    The truculent beast approached the crowd with wild eyes and sharpened claws.
    (v.) to shorten by cutting
    With the football game running over, the show scheduled to follow it had to be truncated.
    (adj.) swollen; pompous
    The tumid river washed away the homes built on the shore.
    After he earned his high-school diploma, he became insufferably tumid.
    The tumid balloon floated, but the empty one did not.
    (n.) a noisy commotion; disturbance
    The tumult was caused by two boys wanting the same toy.
    After the tumult, I found it difficult to resume my studies.
    (adj.) thick and dense; cloudy
    The turbid green waters of the lake prevented them from seeing the bottom.
    (n.) condition of being physically agitated; disturbance
    Everyone on the plane had to fasten their seat belts as the plane entered an area of turbulence.
    (n.) unrest; agitation
    Before the country recovered after the war, they experienced a time of great turmoil.
    (n.) vileness
    The turpitude of the action caused a rage among the people.
    (n.) the condition of being under a guardian or a tutor
    Being under the tutelage of a master musician is a great honor.
    (n.) wealthy leader
    The business tycoon prepared to buy his fifteenth company.
    (n.) absolute power; autocracy
    The people were upset because they had no voice in the government that the king ran as a tyranny.
    (adj.) omnipresent; present everywhere
    A ubiquitous spirit followed the man wherever he went.
    Water may seem ubiquitous, until a drought comes along.
    (adj.) buried; concealed; undisclosed
    She was usually very selfish, so when she came bearing gifts he suspected that she had ulterior motives.
    My ulterior concerns are more important than my immediate ones.
    The man's ulterior motive was to spy on the lab, though he said he wanted a job.
    (n.) offense or resentment
    The candidate took umbrage at the remark of his opponent.
    (adj.) pure, of high quality
    An unalloyed chain is of greater value than a piece of costume jewelry.
    (adj.) of a strange nature; weird
    That two people could be so alike was uncanny.
    (adj.) uncultured; crude
    The social club would not accept an uncouth individual.
    (v.) to weaken; often through subtle means
    The attempts to undermine the merger were unsuccessful.
    The supervisor undermined the director's power and began controlling the staff.
    (adj.) clear and unambiguous
    The 50-0 vote against the bill was an unequivocal statement against the measure.
    His response was unequivocal, which seemed unusual for a politician.
    (adj.) genuine; real; sincere
    Her unfeigned reaction of surprise meant she had not expected the party.
    (adj.) clumsy and unattractive
    The ungainly man knocked over the plant stand.
    (adj.) never changing, always with the same standard
    The marching band moved in uniform across the field.
    Patrons of fast-food chains say they like the idea of a uniform menu wherever they go.
    (adj.) without equal; incomparable
    The jeweler assured him that the dubloon was unique, as it was part of the long lost treasure of the Atocha.
    (adj.) concerning everyone; existing everywhere
    Pollution does not affect just one country or state- it's a universal problem.
    (adj.) out of the way; remaining quietly in the background
    The shy man found an unobtrusive seat in the far corner of the room.
    It was easy to miss the unobtrusive plaque above the fireplace.
    (adj.) unheard of; exceptional
    Weeks of intense heat created unprecedented power demands, which the utilities were hard pressed to meet.
    (adj.) simple; plain; modest
    He was an unpretentious farmer: An old John Deere and a beat-up Ford pick-up were all he needed to get the job done.
    (adj.) not submitting to discipline; disobedient
    The unruly boys had to be removed from the concert hall.
    (adj.) improper; unfortunate
    Asking guests to bring their own food would be an untoward request.
    All of their friends expressed sympathy about their untoward separation.
    (adj.) rare
    The unwonted raise would be the only one received for a few years.
    The changed migratory habits of the Canada geese, though unwonted, is unwanted because of the mess they make.
    (n.) the final act or result
    The upshot of the debate was that the bill would be released to the floor.
    (adj.) cultured; suave
    The gala concert and dinner dance was attended by the most urbane individuals.
    The English businessman was described by his peers as witty and urbane.
    (n.) art of taking something for oneself; seizure
    During the war, the usurpation of the country forced an entirely new culture on the natives.
    (n.) the lending of money with an excessively high interest rate
    An interest rate 30 points above the prime rate would be considered usury in the United States.
    Loan sharks frequently practice usury, but their debtors usually have little choice but to keep quiet and pay up.
    (n.) imaginary land with perfect social and political systems
    Voltaire wrote of a utopia where the streets were paved with gold.
    (v.) move gently by wind or breeze
    The smoke wafted out of the chimney.
    (v.) to give up; to put off until later
    I will waive my rights to have a lawyer present because I don't think I need one.
    As hard as he tried, he could only waive his responsibility for so long.
    (adj.) lacking color; sickly pale
    Her face became wan at the sight of blood.
    (v.) to gradually become less; to grow dim
    After time, interest in the show will wane and it will no longer be as popular.
    The full moon waned until it was nothing but a sliver in the sky.
    (adj.) unmanageable; unjustifiably malicious
    My wanton hunger must be satiated.
    With wanton aggression, the army attacked the defenseless village.
    It is hard to lose weight when one has a wanton desire for sweets.
    (v.) justify; authorize
    The police official warranted the arrest of the suspect once enough proof had been found.
    (n.) a confused mass; turmoil
    When the emergency alarm sounded, a welter of shivering office workers formed in the street as people evacuated the site.
    The welter moved from street to street to escape the fire.
    (v.) to influence or persuade
    The crook may attempt to wheedle the money from the bank.
    He tried hard to wheedle his father into buying him a car.
    (v.) to sharpen by rubbing; to stimulate
    Before carving the turkey, you must whet the blade.
    The smell of cooking food has whet my appetite.
    The smell of dinner cooking whetted her appetite.
    (adj.) fanciful; amusing
    Strolling down Disney World's Main Street is bound to put child and grown-up alike in a whimsical mood.
    (adj.) concealing; sly
    The wily explanation was meant to confuse the investigator.
    (adj.) charming; sweetly attractive
    His winsome words moved the crowd to love him even more.
    (v.) wilt; shrivel; humiliate; cut down
    The plant withered slowly since it received little light and little water.
    (adj.) shriveled; withered
    The wizened face of the old man was covered by his hat.
    (adj.) to be expressionless or dull
    The wooden expression of the man made him look like a statue.
    (adj.) commonplace
    The workaday meal was not exciting to the world class chef.
    (n.) violent or unrestrained anger; fury
    Do not trespass on his property or you will have to deal with his wrath.
    (v.) to give vent; to inflict
    The dragon will wreak havoc upon the countryside.
    (v.) to pull or force away by a violent twisting
    The warriors wrest the power from the king.
    (adj.) miserable or unhappy; causing distress
    Brought up in an orphanage, Annie led a wretched existence.
    The continual rain made for a wretched vacation.
    (adj.) mocking; cynical
    He has a wry sense of humor which sometimes hurts people's feelings.
    (n.) fear of foreigners
    Xenophobia kept the townspeople from encouraging any immigrants to move into the neighborhood.
    (n.) harness; collar; bond
    The jockey led her horse by the yoke around its neck and face.
    (n.) former period of time
    When he sees his childhood friends, they speak about the days of yore.
    (n.) believer; enthusiast; fan
    The zealot followed whatever rules the cult leader set.
    (n.) point directly overhead in the sky; highest point
    The astronomer pointed her telescope straight up toward the zenith.
    The Broncos seemed to be at the zenith of their power just as their rivals on the turf were flagging.
    The sun will reach its zenith at noon.
    The zenith of her career occurred during her time as chairperson.
    (n.) a gentle wind; breeze
    It was a beautiful day, with a zephyr blowing in from the sea.
    The zephyr blew the boat slowly across the lake.


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    Ynt: Gmat Vocabulary List

    hayat tek başınabi mücadele sanatıdır ....

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    Ynt: Gmat Vocabulary List

    faydalı bilgiler için teşekkür ederiz

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    Burada flashcard şeklinde var


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