Eskişehir Introduction

Eskisehir is a town located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. After the proclamation of the republic, it gained provincial status in 1925. Every year thousands of domestic and foreign tourists flocked Eskişehir, it is one of the places to be visited in Turkey. Met halvah, Nougat halvah, Poppy bun, Kalabak broth, çibörek and meerschaum; It is one of the famous features of Eskişehir.
Eskişehir Population, Area and Licence Plate

Due to the presence of three universities in the city exactly known as a student city of Eskisehir, Turkey’s one of the most populous cities. According to 2019 data, the population of Eskişehir is 887,475. The surface area of ​​the city is 13,925 km² and the plate code has been accepted as 26.
Disricts of Eskişehir

The most crowded district of Eskişehir is Odunpazarı, which has many buildings and is visited a lot. The district with the lowest population is Han. There are 14 districts in the city. These are: Alpu, Beylikova, Çifteler, Günyüzü, Han, İnönü, Mahmudiye, Mihalgazi, Mihalıççık, Odunpazarı, Sarıcakaya, Seyitgazi, Sivrihisar Tepebaşı.