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Konu: What to Bring on Test Day - Sınav Gününde Neler Getirilmeli

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    What to Bring on Test Day - Sınav Gününde Neler Getirilmeli

    What to Bring on Test Day

    You must bring valid identification and your registration number on test day. You cannot take the test without them.

    1. Valid ID with your name, signature and photograph must have:

    * the same name you used when you registered
    * your entire first/given name and entire last/family name
    * a clear, recent photo

    Changes will not be made unless your name is misspelled. Expired documents and copies are not accepted.

    2. Your registration number — You will get this number when you register. Log in to your online profile, print your registration confirmation with the number on it and bring it to the test center. IMPORTANT: On the day before the test, check your profile again to see if any changes were made, such as the testing location or starting time.

    Valid IDs for testing in your country of citizenship. You must bring one of these:

    * Passport or driver's license with name, photo and signature
    * State or Province ID issued by the motor vehicle agency with name, photo and signature
    * National ID with name, photo and signature
    * Military ID with name, photo and signature

    Valid IDs for testing outside your country of citizenship. You must bring one of these:

    * Passport with name, photo and signature
    * U.S. Military ID card with name, photo and signature. If your military ID card does not contain your name, photo and signature, a supplemental ID is required.

    The following documents are also acceptable for admission but must be accompanied by a supplemental ID that contains your name, photo and/or signature.

    * Permanent Resident Card/Resident Alien Card (Form I-551 or I-151)
    * Temporary Resident Card (Form I-688)
    * Employment Authorization Card (Form I-688A, I-688B or I-766)
    * Mexican Border Crosser Card (This form of ID is accepted only at test centers within 25 miles of the Mexican border.)

    Valid IDs for testing in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan:

    * Only valid passports with name, photo and signature are accepted.

    Valid IDs for testing in European Union/Schengen Zone countries:

    * You may use your valid national or European Union identity card
    * The card must contain your name, photograph, date of birth and signature

    If your ID is not in English-language letters and the test administrator cannot read the language in which it is written, you may not be permitted to test.

    If your ID does not contain your signature, you must present an additional document from the list of supplemental identification documents that does contain your signature.

    Important Note:

    * All passports and other IDs must be in English-language letters and have your signature.
    * Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the specified start time. If you are late, you may not get in and could lose your test fee.

    Your ID may be verified at the test center by:

    * thumb printing
    * signature comparison
    * photographing/videotaping
    * other forms of electronic ID confirmation

    If you refuse to have your ID verified, you will not be permitted to take the test and you will forfeit your test fee.

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    What to Expect on Test Day

    What to Expect on Test Day

    The following information will help you understand test center guidelines, policies and procedures.

    * Test center administrators cannot make schedule changes.
    * Friends or relatives are not allowed in the test center during the test.
    * You should dress comfortably for any room temperature.
    * You are required to write (not print) and sign a confidentiality statement at the test center. You cannot test without it. Your fees will NOT be refunded.
    * Your picture will be taken and placed at your assigned station and on your score report.
    * Scratch paper is provided and must be returned at the end of the session.
    * Raise your hand if you need assistance or have a problem with your computer.
    * Testing premises are subject to videotaping.
    * Admittance to the test center does not mean that your ID is valid or that your scores will be reported.
    * All cases of questionable ID are subject to review and approval by the ETS Office of Testing Integrity.

    How to Earn a Score on the Test

    * You must answer at least 1 question in each Reading and Listening section, write at least 1 essay, and complete at least 1 Speaking task to receive an official score report.

    Personal Items

    Identification documents are the only personal items allowed in the testing room. You cannot bring cell phones, PDAs, BlackBerry® devices or any other electronic or photographic equipment.

    * You will receive instructions on where to put personal items.
    * If you bring them into the testing room, they will be collected by test center staff.
    * If you do not follow directions, you cannot take the test.

    Any violation of this procedure may result in cancellation of your scores, dismissal by test center staff or banning from future testing. Test centers and ETS assume no responsibility for personal items or devices that you bring into the center.
    Computer Keyboard Requirement

    You will use a standard English-language (QWERTY) computer keyboard to take the TOEFL® iBT. Practice on this type of keyboard to prepare for the test.

    The test administrator will assign you a seat.

    * The TOEFL iBT takes about 4½ hours.
    * You may pace yourself with your own watch, but the computer is the official timekeeper.
    * Alarms on watches or other devices are not permitted.
    * You will not be permitted to test beyond the time limit.

    Taking a Break, Leaving Your Seat

    * There is a mandatory 10-minute break midway through the test.
    * If you take more than 10 minutes, you may be dismissed or your score may be canceled.
    * Raise your hand if you need to leave your seat for any reason.
    * If you must leave the room, you must show the administrator your identification document(s) before you leave and when you return.
    * You cannot use your cell phone during the test or during breaks.


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    Additional Identification Requirements

    Additional Identification Requirements
    When you need additional identification:

    * If the test center administrator questions your ID, you will be required to provide a second proof of identity.
    * If confirmation cannot be made, you may not be admitted and will forfeit your test fee.
    * If your primary ID does not have your name, photo and signature, you must present a second form of valid ID.
    * If your passport is not written in English-language letters, you must provide a second form of ID that has a clear, recent photo and English-language letters.

    Types of additional identification that are accepted:

    Below is a list of documents that meet requirements for approved second forms of ID:

    * A government-issued ID, including but not limited to: a passport, driver's license, state/province ID card or military ID.
    * Student ID
    * Confirmation of identity letter from your school, which must contain your name and signature, date of birth, a clear, recent photo, the name of your school and the date issued.

    Your letter must be typed on the school's original letterhead. The signature of a school official and the school seal must overlap your photograph. A letter of identity is valid for 1 year.

    Do not bring any of the documents listed below.

    These documents will NOT BE accepted on test day:

    * Any expired ID
    * Birth certificate
    * International driver's license
    * Draft classification card
    * International student ID
    * Credit/debit card of any kind
    * Notary-prepared letter or document
    * Social Security card
    * Employee ID card
    * Learner's permit or any temporary ID (for example, a temporary driver's license)
    * Photocopy of ID


    For general questions about acceptable ID, call:

    * 1-609-771-7100

    If you have been granted political asylum or refugee status, you must contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity before you register to test. If you do not contact this office before you register and you are not admitted to the test, you will forfeit your registration and test fees.

    * ETS Office of Testing Integrity
    Phone: 1-609-406-5430
    Fax: 1-609-406-9709
    E-mail: TSReturns@ets.org


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    Test Day Policies

    Test Day Policies

    Reporting Suspicious Behavior

    Contact ETS to report behavior that may interfere with test security or cause a disturbance. See Dismissal from Test Center.

    * Phone: 1-800-353-8570 (U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada)
    1-609-406-5430 (all other locations).
    * Fax: 1-609-406-9709
    * E-mail: TSReturns@ets.org

    Dismissal from a Test Center

    You may be dismissed from a test session and/or your scores may be canceled for:

    * taking the test for someone else or having someone take the test for you
    * failing to provide valid identification
    * obtaining improper access to the test or information about the test
    * using or having a telephone or cell phone during the test or during breaks
    * using mechanical pencils, pens, pagers, beepers, calculators, watch calculators, books, pamphlets, notes, rulers, highlighter pens, stereos or radios with headphones, watch alarms, stop watches, dictionaries, translators, PDAs, BlackBerry devices, and any hand-held electronic or photographic devices. The test administrator can decide what constitutes disruptive behavior.
    * attempting to give or receive assistance. Communication in any form is not permitted.
    * removing or attempting to remove any test content, scratch paper, or notes relating to the test
    * referring to, looking through, or working on any test, or test section, when not authorized to do so, or after time has been called
    * tampering with the computer
    * leaving the test room or test center vicinity without permission during the test or during breaks
    * taking a weapon or firearm into the test center
    * taking food, drink or tobacco into the testing room
    * taking excessive or extended unscheduled breaks
    * failing to follow regulations specified by the test administrator, in any test materials or on this website

    ETS reserves the right to take all action — including but not limited to, barring you from future testing and/or canceling your scores — for failure to comply with test administration regulations or the test administrator's directions. If your scores are canceled, they will not be reported and your fees will not be refunded.
    Rescheduled Tests

    On occasion, weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our control may result in a delayed start or rescheduled test. If your test session is canceled or if it is impossible to report your scores, you can take the test again for free or receive a full refund.

    You may request reimbursement of travel expenses for yourself only by contacting TOEFL® Services within 30 days of your original test date. Refunds are in U.S. dollars.

    Requests must include:

    * name
    * date of birth
    * mailing address
    * daytime telephone number
    * e-mail address
    * original test date
    * registration number
    * a description of the problem


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    Ynt: What to Bring on Test Day - Sınav Gününde Neler Getirilmeli

    beslenme cantasıda lazım zira 4 saat cok uzun

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    Ynt: What to Bring on Test Day - Sınav Gününde Neler Getirilmeli

    ama en onemlisi sinava yeterli derecede uyumus bir beden temiz bir kafa getirmek lazim. Sinavdan once 1 saatlik Istanbul trafigine magruz kalip gec kalma riski yasamak kesinlikle performansi dusuruyor. Cumartesi gunu ne trafigi demeyin, konustugumuz sehir Istanbul!

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    Ynt: What to Bring on Test Day - Sınav Gününde Neler Getirilmeli

    Ben Ankara Üniversitesi Enformatik Bölümünde girdim. İki kimlik(ehliyet ve nüfus cüzdanı ) istediler.Geçen sefer orada girenlerden sadece nüfus cüzdanı istenmiş bu sefer kapıda herkes çift kimlik hazırlasın dediler. Yani tedbirli olun girecek arkadaşlar çift kimlikle gidin.

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    Ynt: What to Bring on Test Day - Sınav Gününde Neler Getirilmeli

    kimlik +ehliyet veya pasaport istiyorlar

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    bu kımlık belgesınden baska ne ıstenıor bılıormusunuz? 2. Your registration number — demıssınız yukarıda? bunu acıklarmısınız?

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