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Konu: Prefixes

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    Prefixes and suffixes were originally words themselves but they are now groups of letters added to words or to roots to create new words. Prefixes [pre (before) + fix (fasten) = fasten before] are groups of letters placed before words or roots. Prefixes modify or extend the meanings of words and roots. Following is a list of commonly used prefixes and sample vocabulary.


    a-, ac-, ad-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, as-, at- to, toward, near, in addition to
    aside (adverb): to or toward the side
    a + side
    accompany (verb): to go with someone as a companion
    ac + com + pan + y
    adjust (verb): to correct, to move closer to a correct position
    ad + just
    affix (verb): to attach to something, to fasten
    af + fix
    aggression (noun): hostile behavior towards someone or something
    ag + gress + ion
    allocate (verb): to distribute to specific people or for specific purposes
    al + loc + ate
    annihilate (verb): to destroy
    an + nihil + ate
    associate (verb): to join with
    as + soci + ate
    attend (verb): to look after, to go to
    at + tend
    a-, an- not, without
    apolitical (adjective): without interest in politics
    a + polit + ic + al
    anemia (noun): the condition (disease) of not having enough red blood cells
    an + em + ia
    ab-, abs- away from, off
    abrupt (adjective): unexpected change
    ab + rupt
    absolve (verb): to be set free from one's actions or obligations
    ab + solve
    ante- before
    anterior (adjective): before or near the front
    ante + rior
    anti- against
    antipathy (noun): dislike, opposite feeling
    anti + path + y
    auto- self
    automotive (adjective): related to self-propelled machines
    auto + mot + ive

    bi- two
    biped (noun): a two-footed animal
    bi + ped
    biennial (adjective): happening every two years bi + enni + al

    cat-, cata-, cath- down, with
    category (noun): a class or set to which a thing belongs
    cate + gor + y
    catalogue (noun): a book or pamphlet that lists and describes
    cata + log + ue
    catheter (noun): a medical device used to transfer fluids cath +eter
    circum- around
    circumvent (verb): to manage to get around a situation
    circum + vent
    co-, cog-, col-, com-, con-, cor together, with
    cohesiveness (noun): the ability to stick together
    co + hes + ive + ness
    cognate (adjective): related, similar in nature
    cog + nate
    collaborate (verb): to work together
    col + lab + or + ate
    commitment (noun): to entrust, to put into a place
    com + mit + ment
    convenient (adjective): handy, nearby
    con + veni + ent
    correct (verb): to set right, to be right
    cor + rect
    contra- against, opposite
    contradict (verb) to state the opposite
    contra + dict

    de- to do the opposite, to take away from
    decrease (verb): to grow smaller, to become less
    de + cre + ase
    di-, dif-, dis- apart, separate, two, opposite, not
    divide (verb): to separate into two or more parts
    di + vide
    differ (verb): to be unlike
    dif + fer
    dis- not, opposite of, exclude
    distrust (verb): to have no confidence or trust
    dis + trust

    e-, ex- out, out of, from
    emit (verb) to send out
    e + mit
    expel (verb): to force out ex + pel
    en-, em- put into
    enamor (verb): to cause to love, to "put" someone "into" love
    en + am + + or
    empower (verb): to give power, to put into power em + pow + er
    epi-, upon, beside, over
    epilogue (noun): the concluding section of a play or literary work
    epi + logue
    extra- beyond
    extraordinary (adjective): going beyond normal
    extra + ordin + ary

    il-, im-, in-, ir, not, in
    illegible (adjective): cannot be read
    il + leg + ible
    imposter (noun): someone who poses as someone else
    im + post + er
    inaction (noun): lack of motion, idle
    in + act + ion
    irresolute (adjective): uncertain about hot to act, undecided, not having a solution
    ir + re + solute
    in-, im-, il- in, into
    instead (adverb): in place of, an alternative
    in + stead
    import (verb): to bring into a country from another country
    im + port
    inter- between, among
    interject (verb): to throw something (usually a comment) between other things
    inter + ject
    intro- into
    introspection (noun): to look into one's own thoughts and feelings
    intro + spect + ion

    mal- bad
    malfunction (noun): when something does not work properly
    mal + funct + ion
    mis- wrong
    misconduct (noun): wrong doing, bad behavior
    mis + con + duct
    mono- one
    monologue (noun): a dramatic performance or speech given by one actor
    mono + logue
    multi- many
    multiply (verb): to increase in number
    multi + ply

    non- not, no
    nonsense (noun): something that has no meaning or makes no sense
    non + sense

    ob-, oc-, of-, op- toward, against, in the way
    obtain (verb): to gain or get, to get a hold of
    ob + tain
    occur (verb): to happen, to come to mind
    oc + cur
    offer (verb): to attempt to give, to propose, to try to hand out
    of + fer
    oppose (verb): to be against, to stand in the way of something
    op + pose
    over- excessive, above
    overwork (verb): to have too much work
    over + work

    para- beside
    paradox (noun): a statement that seems true and contradictory at the same time
    para + dox
    per- through
    persecute (verb): to go after, to pursue
    per + secute
    post- after
    postpone (verb): to put off to a later time, to delay
    post + pone
    pre- before
    precede (verb): to go before, to come in front of
    pre + cede
    pro- for, foward
    propel (verb): to push forward
    pro + pel

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    Ynt: Prefix

    re- back, again
    readmit (verb): to allow in again
    re + ad + mit
    retro- backward
    retrospect (noun) to look back at past events
    retro + spect

    se- apart, move away from
    secede (verb): to withdraw from an organization
    se + cede
    semi- half
    semiannual (adjective): occurring twice a year
    semi + annu + al
    sub-, suc-, suf-, sup-, sur-, sus under, beneath, near, from below, secretly, above, up
    submarine (adjective): underwater
    sub + mar + ine
    succeed (verb): to do well, to come after
    suc + ceed
    suffice (verb): to be enough
    suf + fice
    support (verb): to hold up, too keep up
    sup + port
    survive (verb): to live, to live through something, to exist
    sur + vive
    sustain (verb): to keep up, to hold up,
    sus + tain
    super- over, above
    superimpose (verb): to place something on top of something else
    super + im + pose
    syn-, sym- together, at the same time
    synchronous (adjective): happening at the same time
    syn + chron + ous
    sympathy (noun): sharing another person's feelings, compassion
    sym + path + y

    trans- across, beyond, change
    transform (verb): to change shape
    trans + form
    tri- three
    tripod (noun): a three-legged stand
    tri + pod

    un- not, against, opposite
    unceasing (adjective): never ending, continuous
    un + ceas + ing
    uni- one
    uniform (adjective): having the same form or consistency
    uni + form


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